Enterprise Call Tracking Software
With Real-Time Optimization and Analytics

The ultimate tracking, reporting, routing, recording, and attribution platform for calls.

Tracking Calls with Resell Calls is easy.
Resell Calls was built from the ground up for call marketing pros like you.
Create a Campaign
Sign up for your free Resell Calls account, create a Campaign,
and select your Target Country.
Get a Tracking
Receive a unique Tracking Number for
you to promote your
call marketing campaigns.
Add a Target
Route your calls to call buyers, call centers or anywhere else you’d
like them to go.
Launch your
Use real-time reports
and analytics to
optimize your call flow and scale your
Grow your business with Resell Calls.

Resell Calls is an advanced call tracking and routing platform designed to give you complete control over your call marketing and significantly improve your return on investment.

Our software tracks every possible detail about
your users allowing you to optimize your profit at
an unparallelled level.

Everything you need to manage your call business.

Buy & Sell Phone Calls

Power your Pay Per Call marketing business with tools built for success.

Compliance Monitoring

Protect your business with automated compliance monitoring.

Advanced Integrations

Integrate with your existing workflows for complete visibility.

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

With automated call tracking, attribution, and target load-balancing, Resell Calls is the ultimate platform for managing your call business.

Intelligent Call Routing and Targeting

Monitor partner productivity, create dynamic routing plans
and connect your callers with the next available agent
anywhere in the world.

Advanced API and Integrations

Automate your operations and seamlessly integrate Resell Calls with your existing workflows for complete customer visibility.

The ultimate tracking platform for inbound calls.
Campaign Tracking
Track and manage your call campaigns with
real-time analytics.
Number Management
Create and manage phone numbers in countries all over the world.
Call Attribution
Attribute traffic sources, keywords and other
data to your
Automated Routing
Create dynamic routing plans to forward your
call traffic to buyers.
Eliminate abandons
and reclaim lost
revenue by routing overflow traffic.
Seamlessly integrate
Resell Calls your existing stack for complete visibility.
Robust API
Tap into the entire
Resell Calls platform and manage your
Customer Support
Get live chat and email support from our dedicated support
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Call tracking for everyone.

Media Buyers

Create, track and manage call campaigns, stay compliant and scale your call business.

Call Centers

Run your contact center at maximum capacity and virtually eliminate abandons.

Performance Networks

Give your affiliates the most powerful and competitive tools to get the job done.

Plans for businesses of every size.
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